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Nepal Sambat

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 The Nepalese Era

Nepal is rich in its own culture. Malla period was of great importance for the cultural, social & religious development of Nepala Mandala (the valley). There is now a tendency to consider this period of history as golden age of Nepal. In this very period Kantipur, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur developed incomparable splendor.

Nepal's original Era Nepal Samvat was begun by Sankhadhar Sakhwah , in Malla period, when Raghab Dev was ruling in Kantipur and Anand Malla in Bhaktapur. It was started from 20th of October 879 Thursday. It is lunar calendar and it begins with the day of new moon of Kartik (Kachhala). Till now, whatever the festivals the Nepalese people celebrate such as Dashain, Tihar, ChaitE Dasain, Teej, Shivaratri, Gaijatra, Chhath etc. are according to lunar calendar of Nepal era (except very few). Nepal era was official era of Nepal in Malla period and Bikram Era was brought in official use in only in Rana period by Chandra Shamsher.

There are 12 months (and 13 in every three years) according to this calendar. New month stars from the day after new moon day i.e. Paru (Pratipada). From Paru to full moon day it is called 'Tho' then up to new moon day it is called 'Ga'. So a month is divided into 2 parts 'Tho' ad 'Ga' such as Kachhala Tho Kachhalaga Ga and so on.

Nepal Era Calendar

No.Month(Nepal Era)(Christian Era)(Bikram Era)
 1Kachhala (Tho / Ga)NovemberKartic / Mansir
 2Thinla (Tho / Ga)DecemberMansir /Push
 3Pohela (Tho / Ga)JanuaryPush / Magh
 4Silla (Tho / Ga)FebruaryMagh / Falgun
 5Chilla (Tho / Ga)MarchFalgun / Chaita
 6Chaula (Tho / Ga)AprilChaita / Baishakh
 7Bachhala (Tho / Ga)MayBhaisakh / Jestha
 8Tachhala (Tho / Ga)JuneJestha / Ashar
 9Dilla (Tho / Ga)JulyAshar / Shaun
10Gunla (Tho / Ga)AugustShaun / Bhadra
11Yanla (Tho / Ga)SeptemberBhadra / Ashwin


Kaula (Tho / Ga)OctoberAshwin / Kartic
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+13 #3 2010-05-29 16:07
Here is the link for Newah calender.

+2 #2 2010-03-23 05:30
Until we have full independence from Khas hagemonic rule we will remain as rich slaves.
+2 #1 2009-11-29 06:47
Where can I see the full month Newari calender? Could u please help me?

Learning Curve:

The Newars are the original inhabitats of Kathmandu Valley, then known as Nepalmandal.